On Sunday, the White House informed Americans that we will be facing the worst week to come for the COVID-19 pandemic. Federal guidance suggests staying home, and if possible, avoiding any crowded places including the grocery store.


Each week new information regarding COVID-19 emerges, and many of us are unprepared to go a week without a trip to the grocery store.

While certain individuals have a pantry stocked with food, others may resort to takeout and delivery from their local restaurants. By now restaurants have hopefully updated their social media channels and websites, informing their audience whether or not they are open for takeout and delivery. 

Instead of searching restaurants’ websites and calling to see if they are open, you can now simply go to Google Maps, which offers shortcuts to restaurants nearby that offer takeout and delivery. 

If you’ve used Google Maps before, you know all about the “shortcuts.” These shortcuts include gas stations, coffee shops, grocery stores, fast food, etc. 

Takeout and delivery have been in Google Maps for quite some time. However, “Google is just now pushing them to the forefront,” according to 9to5Google.

The way it works is, Google searches for keywords including “takeout” and “delivery” in your local restaurant listings. From there, the two shortcuts will lead to these restaurants that are in your area.

In addition to these new changes, Google Maps also includes a button that links to the COVID-19 alert page on Google for those who want quick access to resources including medical centers.

If you’re hesitant about going to the grocery store this week, opt for something new with takeout and delivery. Support your local restaurants, and enjoy a night off from cooking.