Your restaurant’s website is the perfect platform for restaurant reservations. Gourmet Marketing designs your website to guide online visitors into your restaurant through online restaurant reservation. In addition to that, we plan the website so that when customers use online restaurant reservation, it provides the most benefit at the least cost.

Take for instance our restaurant client AYZA Wine and Chocolate Bar. Before they hired Gourmet Marketing, they had 550 reservations per month. 261 of those reservations were through Open Table, which charges $1 per each diner through their site. The other 200 were significantly cheaper as they used the Open Table application but went through the restaurant website and only cost $.25 cents to process. Gourmet Marketing constructs their clients websites to utilize the cheaper fee.

So Gourmet Marketing re-designed their website, specifically aiming to increase online reservations while limiting costs. To do this, we changed their website to make it more user-friendly. The website that Gourmet Marketing designed for AYZA’s more than tripled the number of online reservation at the reduced rate. The overall progress that AYZA saw in reservations was exceptional (100% increase) but in no way surprising. An effective website is a powerful marketing tool. AYZA now has 1000 reservations per month and 700 of those are through the website. All of this was accomplished from a Gourmet Marketing designed website.

They are not alone. Before working with Gourmet Marketing, Agozar Cuban Bistro Bar had 100 reservations through Open Table and zero through their website. That soon changed. After choosing Gourmet Marketing, their reservations went up to 300 with 170 going through their new website. With new custom websites, Gourmet Marketing persuades online visitors to make reservations at your restaurant.