Very recently, some of Gourmet Marketing restaurant clients found on their Foursquare page a deal by MobileSpinach. They had not approved of the deal nor knew about beforehand. Gourmet Marketing did not set up these deals.

Specifically, some Foursquare Venue Sites have been offering 50% discounts with the purchase of a coupon “provided by MobileSpinach”. These deals appear on the front page of the venue site in a very prominent place. If a customer clicks the link, it goes to MobileSpinach’s website. Please see the screenshot below.

These deals are locked. Neither Gourmet Marketing nor our restaurant clients can take them down. We have contacted Foursquare and MobileSpinach (a daily deals site) to understand why these unauthorized deals appear on their venue site. They have not responded yet.

It is unfortunate that Foursquare has not addressed this because this problem has been going on since August, as reported by Grub Street.

Check your Foursquare Venue Site immediately. If there are unauthorized deals on your Venue Site, please report this activity directly to Foursquare.

The Gourmet Marketing Team