With hotel occupancy lower than usual during these unprecedented times, hotels must communicate with future guests to remain relevant. Digital marketing is the place to make that happen. Your hotel may not be able to communicate with guests in person, but thanks to the digital world, you can do so virtually. 


There are many actions you can take to ramp up your marketing efforts. However, in this blog, we will go over what not to do by highlighting common marketing mistakes and how your hotel can avoid them.

The messaging is tone-deaf.

Your website has a new pop-up announcing your hotel’s current status, whether closed or open, and the latest procedures you’ve put into place. You’re active on social media and through your email newsletter. But what about the tone of your messaging? Is it sensitive to current times? 

Ensure your messaging isn’t completely tone-deaf by acting as a confidant, a helping hand, and an ally during these difficult times. Instead of overselling and promoting, keep your messaging uplifting and supportive. If your audience feels you are insensitive, there’s a real possibility you will lose their business.

The content is overwhelming.

When creating new content, try to avoid overwhelming your audience with too much fluff. Your audience may become annoyed or disinterested if they experience content overload from your hotel. Try to limit social media posting to 1-3 times per week, newsletters to 1 time per week, and finally, revisit your advertising strategy. An overwhelming amount of ads could lead to a decrease in followers, and thus your hotel could potentially lose business. 

Shift your attention to vetted influencers that fit well with your brand and have a healthy number of followers. Your audience wants to see authentic content from real people. With influencers, you can showcase your hotel through the eyes of a hotel guest. 

The core values are ignored.

One of the biggest mistakes we see in digital marketing is when hotels don’t remain true to their brand. This occurs more often than usual because hotels want to be a part of the conversation and trending topics. In some cases, this causes hotels to overlook their core values inadvertently.

Ensure the topics you cover on social media align with what your hotel believes in. Staying true to your brand shows your audience that you are authentic. It also makes you memorable and helps you stand out amongst other hotels.