Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants began to find ways to keep their struggling businesses afloat. One of the most popular methods is with gift cards.


Gift cards are a great way to increase revenue, especially when the restaurants reopen their dining rooms. However, the money is going directly into restaurants’ funds now. Once the restaurants reopen their dining rooms, they won’t be making any money from the gift cards.

To find a solution, ChowNow, a commission-free online food ordering platform, launched a new one-year membership program that allows diners to support their favorite restaurants.

How it works

Customers can receive a discount on every meal they order from their favorite restaurant with an annual membership. A $100 membership offers 25% off every order, a $40 membership provides 15% off every order, and a $25 membership offers 10% off every order.

Not only does every dollar from the membership fees go directly to the restaurant, but this program also avoids the extra costs from third-party delivery apps. 

ChowNow hopes to incentivize repeat ordering among members to increase restaurants’ revenue throughout the year. Thus, a better solution to a one-time payment deposit from a gift card purchase.

This program is offered to ChowNow’s 15,000 restaurant customers free of charge. The discounts are only available to those that order directly through the restaurants’ websites created by ChowNow.

Learn more about the program, visit ChowNow’s site. If you’re a restaurant, consider signing up for the program to strengthen the relationship between your restaurant and your customers!