Since social distancing began in New York City in mid-march, there has been a lot of focus on hotels and restaurants. But what about the often forgotten segment of the hospitality industry, the catering and event industry? Today we will dig deeper into the catering industry and highlight some measures to help you elevate your catering or event venue business.


With the delaying of weddings, gala dinners, graduation parties, and corporate events, these businesses are suffering during a time of socially distancing where people have been banned from gathering in groups. Especially as peak wedding season approaches, many wedding venues are nervous about difficult times ahead. We suggest taking the following measures:

Be Present on Social Media

Although we are currently in the midst of the storm, there are bright and sunny days ahead. People are spending a lot of time on their computer screens, and phones excited to plan for a future time. Be active on social media. You can capture potential guests with event or wedding inspirational images and throwback images. Capture a future bride to be who is researching a venue, caterer or a wedding table setting. In your social media posts, always remember to remain sensitive to the current climate with the language you use. Aspirational images and videos take on a new dimension during social distancing. People are really looking forward to gathering and celebrating in person with loved ones and colleagues.

Comfort your Clients

We know business owners are anxious about the suspension of group celebrations but we all also need to provide a sense of comfort and reassurance for our clients. Call a bride to be and let her know everything will be ok and she will have a beautiful wedding in the near future. Let the family of a recent graduate know that they can reschedule their celebration to a later date. People will always remember the support, service, and flexibility you provide them during a time of crisis.

Give Back 

Many businesses are using this time to give back to the community. This could involve donating food to a local hospital, turning your venue into a soup kitchen, or offering to receive donations towards providing supplies to first responders. If you can afford to, try your best to give back to the community that has served you well.

Be Ready For The Storm To Pass

The good news is that people will be hosting lots of events once this has passed and will be so excited to attend. Prepare for that time. Have menus updated and ready. Make sure your website is completely up to date and user friendly. Prepare standard operating procedures and stay positive! Who knows what the future looks like? Thursday and Sunday nights might even become the new Friday night… or even every day!

We are here for you during this difficult time. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas mentioned above, please contact us. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!