As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, marketers are scrambling to adjust their brand messaging, unsure of how long this will last and when the tone of voice will start to shift to normalcy. This begs the question: how do marketers approach their audience during these sensitive and uncertain times?

Your brand may be taking the safe route and going radio silent. If that is the case, the question is when is the right time to come back? In addition, we have no idea when the pandemic will end, so is going radio silent wise if you don’t know an end date? What if your consumers forget about you?

In order to avoid these issues, we have put together a list of ways your brand can adjust to the current climate and position your brand messaging.

Reassess your current tone of voice

Are you being sensitive to the current situation, or are you being tone-deaf? If you’re a hotel, are you discussing ways you’re here for your audience, or are you trying to sell your space? Are you a restaurant that is offering guidance and reassurance to your customers, or are you just throwing out call-to-action messages? 

Instead of being salesy, act as a confidant to your audience. We are all in this together. Here are the precautions we are taking, and here are ways we are helping to flatten the curve.

Make your message clear

Are you opened or closed? What precautions are you taking? What are the services you are providing? This is the time to leverage your social media channels, your website, and any other forms of communication such as email. Let your customers know if you are open or closed. 

If you are closed, reassure them that you can’t wait to welcome them back again once the storm passes. If you are open, let them know the health precautions you are taking. If certain services are unavailable, let your customers know. 

Understand your audience

Some brands are very different from others. If you’re in the hospitality industry, your audience is most likely more interested in the information, the precautions, and the status of your company. Keep your audience informed. 

If you’re a tourism brand, your audience will not want to hear about where they can go to travel. This is a time to get creative. Offer your brand up as a source of inspiration for better days to come. Give health and wellness tips. The possibilities are endless.