Hotel StaycationHotel Staycations

With most Americans still quarantining and travel slowed around the world, many people have developed quite the case of cabin fever. Unfortunately, with travel restrictions in place, that cabin fever isn’t going anywhere – or is it? What if you could attract new guests by addressing their cabin fever without requiring them to travel far?

The ‘staycation’ has been a popular concept in recent years, but with so many people working at home and staying home from restaurants and regular outings, it has lost its luster. But who says a hotel staycation has to be at home? Why not market a staycation at your hotel to members of your community?

It Doesn’t Require A Flight for a Hotel Staycation

One major benefit to a local hotel staycation is that your guests can drive, or even walk, to your hotel. This eliminates the need for a costly flight and helps your guests stay socially distant during their travels. Remind them of this when you do your marketing, and it may just attract a few more guests.

Upsell The Perks

After quarantining for nearly a year, it’s not surprising that many people are a little tired of their surroundings. A change of scenery is a great way to recharge, so remind your potential guests that a weekend with your hotel could be just the break they need.

Work With Local Partners

Do you have nearby special attractions that your guests might be interested in? Perhaps there is a local museum or historical site that is open to the public or a spa taking socially distanced visitors. You could even contact local food trucks to park outside so your guests can try some eclectic local cuisine. Work with these businesses to cross-promote your services to attract potential guests who want to rediscover their community while getting away from home for a bit.

Offer A Local Discount

Entice guests to stay with you by offering them a special discount for local guests only. Offer special locals-only perks like discounts at local restaurants, bonus rewards points, tickets to local museums, or even a complimentary basket of locally-made goodies for their room at check-in.

Market Your Promotion

Once you have your local promotion figured out, don’t forget to market it to your neighbors with an email, word of mouth, and a social media campaign. Your local guests will appreciate the getaway, and maybe even book repeat stays or keep you in mind for when their own out-of-town guests visit.