While restaurants reopen, many are finding innovative ways to decrease contact points between staff and diners. Social distancing is still in effect and will continue to be even after businesses reopen. Therefore, restaurants need to use best practices that encourage social distancing and a more contactless dining experience. 


Many restaurants are turning to the usage of QR codes in place of printed menus. QR codes are a type of matrix barcode that is machine-readable and contains information about the item it is attached to. 

The way it works is by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera, which then directs the phone to open a web page. In this case, restaurants QR codes lead diners to their restaurant’s mobile website. 

QR codes can have other actions, such as leading customers to their social media channels, a digital comment card, and more.

If your restaurant has QR codes or plans on implementing them, there are a few ways to advertise your QR code to your customers.

Add it to your physical menu

Not all customers have smartphones, or they may leave their phones at home, so your restaurant should still provide a physical menu.

However, give customers the option to use the mobile menu by adding your QR code to the top of the menu in a clear view with instructions on how to use it. Be sure to either let your customers know they have this option or making it visible. That way, they don’t pick up the menu without realizing they have this contactless option. 

Use tabletop inserts

This option is great for minimal contact and easy cleaning. Place the QR code inside a clear tabletop insert that is placed on every table. This option is cost-effective, eliminates the use of menus unless requested, and also enables efficient cleaning. All you have to do is disinfect the tabletop insert between diners.

Add the QR code to your sandwich board

For diners walking by your restaurant, this option is easy for those that don’t want to stand near other patrons while perusing your menu. Instead, they can quickly scan the QR code and use their phones to look through. 

Additionally, this option lets your customers view your restaurant menu outside rather than go indoors and ask for a menu. 

Offer takeout codes

How many of us have piles of takeout menus in our drawers? This trend may be winding down now that many diners access the menu on the website. To stay at the top of their minds, and have them coming back for more, offer diners a business card that contains your QR code.

Having a QR code in their homes gives them easier access to your website menu and keeps you on their minds when deciding where to eat or order takeout.