Instagram Hotel MarketingInstagram Hotel Marketing

Instagram is one of the top 10 social networking sites on the internet, and it’s only natural that you’d want to take advantage of it to market your hotel.

And even though getting engagement on your Instagram photos and building a following is relatively easy, getting people to go to your website or click the link in your profile is another matter entirely.

But if you aren’t looking at it as a cash machine or instant gratification tool, you’ll find that Instagram can help you build your brand awareness and business over the long haul.

Here are seven ways to use Instagram for your Instagram hotel marketing.

1 – Use Hashtags

Hashtags can make your posts more discoverable, and since Instagram users tend to use them a lot, there’s really no shame in loading up your posts with them.

But you must be strategic and smart in how you use them. Buffer found that interactions are highest on Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags.

Also, while you can use branded hashtags, it would also be wise to research the best performing hashtags on Instagram using a site like, and incorporate them in your posts when appropriate.

2 – Monitor Your Brand

Take advantage of Instagram’s built-in filters (specifically “tags” and “places”) to find images that feature your hotel.

Not only can you find out more about your target audience by finding photos of your hotel they have posted on Instagram, you can also leave comments on relevant posts (but only if you have something worthwhile to say).

You can also report an image as inappropriate if you feel it harms your brand.

3 – Get Involved Locally

Are there any tourist destinations in your neighborhood? What restaurants and businesses do you often recommend to your guests?

It’s all well and good to share photos inside and outside the hotel, but don’t forget to make your locality a focus of your photos too. That way, people can get a better sense of what’s around, and why they should come and visit.

4 – Tell A Story

Is there anything happening in your hotel that’s particularly interesting? Is there a conference being held on-site? Are there renovations being done?

Instagram gives you the ability to share media in real-time, so you can also show the progression of new developments as they happen. This is a great way to engage.

5 – Spy On the Competition

What are other hotels doing to market themselves on Instagram? What strategies are they employing to get followers and boost engagement?

By studying what they’re doing right (and what they’re doing wrong), you can develop a long-term strategy that will help you get results from your Instagram marketing.

6 – Initiate Contests

Social media contests can increase engagement in a significant way. You’ll need to figure out what an enticing giveaway would be for your audience, but a contest is sure to help you get more followers and future customers.

A simple way to get started with this is to initiate a photo challenge with your followers. Get them to use a specific hashtag so you can track their progress.

Final Thoughts | Instagram Hotel Marketing

Instagram is simple and yet powerful. It’s fun, and yet feature-rich and versatile. It only takes a moment to set up, and it’s low-maintenance. By appealing to your followers with high-quality, engaging photography, and emotional content, you can grow a large following, and even generate customers for your hotel. This certainly takes a little more work on your part, but you can get a lot of leverage out of the content by re-purposing it on your blog or by sharing it on other social networks.