Restaurant Marketing by Gourmet Marketing

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONfor restaurants & bars

Online search is the most important way for your customers to find your business. Get ahead of your competitors with Gourmet Marketing's search engine optimization services.

Help Customers Find You

Just having a great website does not guarantee customers will walk through the door. SEO for restaurants helps to make sure your website appears high in search engine results so customers can find you.


of Internet users only click on the top 10 results on search engines

Get In Front of the Right People

You want to make sure that real potential customers can find your website using the search terms that are relevant to you. Gourmet Marketing can optimize your website for your brand name, location, categories & other important criteria.


average number of search terms used to find our clients

Cost Effective Long Term Rewards

Unlike advertising, which disappears as soon as you stop paying, search engine optimization can benefit your brand awareness & website traffic for years to come, providing a greater return on your investment.


of search engine clicks are on the organic links vs. paid ads