Restaurant Marketing by Gourmet Marketing

Social Media Marketingfor restaurants & bars

Gourmet Marketing sets up restaurants for social media success. By using industry best practices, we build stronger bonds between your restaurant and your customers over social media.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Encourage Online Sharing


We make social media a place customers go to share with their experience with their friends and followers, bringing in new business through new digital word of mouth marketing. We activate your strongest brand advocates to spread their enthusiasm for your restaurant to their friends.

Connect with Loyal Customers


Social media helps keep your most loyal customers informed about promotions & events, along with promotions limited to social media. Many customers connect with you through social media just for that reason. We specialize in updating customers to your latest offers in an effective, exciting way, motivating customers to return to your restaurant.

Increase Brand Awareness


Gourmet Marketing adapts restaurant’s social media to its particular brand, so you can speak to your customers with a natural and valued voice. Finding the right mix of social media content that promotes, engages or connects customers with your restaurant is something that needs to be tailored to every restaurant’s brand.

Operate across Multiple Platforms


Social media is more than just a Facebook Page and a Twitter account, especially for restaurants. We synchronize multiple social media together to provide coordinated social media marketing for restaurants.