BDA Partners

BDA Partners is a cross-border investment banking firm that advises clients in North America, Europe and Asia on mergers and acquisitions, private placements, distressed situations, valuations and restructuring. The look and feel of their website hadn’t kept pace with their growth over the years or the expanded scope and reach of their offerings.

The challenge was to update the site to draw attention to their multiple offices and large staff, along with BDA’s capacity to handle a large number of transactions in multiple industries. The website would also be a platform for publishing industry information in an easy-to-digest manner. All of this needed to be accomplished in a clean, professional manner.

Our team built this website focusing on improved User Experience (UX). We added scalability to grow with the company, multi-language capability (English and Chinese), special filters on the sectors and transactions pages, and created a streamlined site structure. The result is fewer pages, but no loss of information -making this site as attractive as it is efficient.