The Out Hotel

What is your website good for?

The Out Hotel NYC, an urban resort in Manhattan, were looking for results from their new website. Specifically, they wanted to increase the number of online bookings and connect with both US and international customers, all with a high return on investment (ROI).

We helped them make the most of their investment with a comprehensive mix of services designed to bring in the bookings.

On the advertising front, the multi-channel strategy incorporated pay-per-click (PPC) with subsequent retargeting, honing the focus on to even narrower categories such as “pet-friendly” or “luxury shares”, with highly targeted ads. PPC ads were run both with and without the brand featured, and were supported by targeted landing pages.

Strategic retargeting ads were also used to follow up on the search engine optimization (SEO), which increased organic reach by refining the website content, including landing pages for targeted search terms. Local search optimization and data distribution further zeroed in on targeted customers.

To ensure all advertising and organic optimization efforts were achieving maximum ROI, full analytics, conversion and revenue tracking was implemented and maintained throughout the entire campaign, including multi-channel revenue tracking.

This combination of PPC, SEO and retargeting, supported by landing page web design and development and conversion tracking resulted in a high ROI of over 10 times the investment. The average keyword ranking was cut in half, with over 1,800 top-ranked keywords. Better yet, the revenue from PPC campaigns alone increased more than 100% year over year, while organic search drove over $600,000 in revenue.