The Halal Guys

A clear target, the right mix of services, and precise tracking and follow-up achieved a return on investment (ROI) of over 600% in just two weeks. But how?

The Halal Guys, a stand-out New York success story that had grown from a humble food truck to a multisite, international franchise, identified an opportunity to expand their catering services across all locations.

We used two strategies, supported by several technologies and platforms, to get the word out and bring the orders rolling in.

First, a location-optimized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign targeted relevant keyword searches in areas with The Halal Guys branches.

Then, display network retargeting campaigns on websites and social media reinforced the brand offering to potential customers who had previously connected with a search ad.

Far from operating in isolation, the paired advertising campaigns were strategically supported by updates to the Client’s own website and analysis and tracking services to achieve the highest degree of benefit.

Customized landing pages were crafted with a user experience designed to funnel visitors to place a catering order. These pages were added to the corporate website, as well as to each branch-specific website, and the PPC and Display Network ads directed visitors to these focused links.

Google Analytics was deployed to watch the conversion from the two types of ads through to orders placed, and supported by advanced call tracking and recordings to establish precise ROI.

In just 14 days, our services drove over 180 catering inquiries via the website, and over 350 additional inquiries via phone, resulting in a remarkable ROI of over 600%.