Your brand is your handshake, your story, envisioned. It needs to evoke positive feelings. It needs to be memorable. And most of all, it needs to bring customers through the door.

When Mollaga was preparing to launch their fast-casual Indian grill in New Brunswick, New Jersey, it needed to find a visual language to communicate authentic Indian tradition in a fresh, contemporary American style.

Their strengths included flavor – exciting spices and herbs in recipes handed down over generations – freshness and healthiness, emphasizing naturally raised ingredients, and service and ambiance that leaves customers eager to return.

We created a visual identity to express Mollaga’s uniqueness, carry them into the future and give them a solid, uplifting foundation to build on as they grow.

The brand solutions for Mollaga included a memorable logo with a bold, simple design and a versatile brand pattern to give shape to Mollaga’s bold flavors and fun personality across a number of applications.

These two visual elements are flexible components that illustrate Mollaga’s brand wherever they go, whether that’s customer-facing collateral like menus, packaging or in-store signage, or external promotional materials.

We further supported Mollaga’s build up to launch with a unique photography style, social media graphics, and a brand style guide. This mix of services supported their deployment of a cohesive brand identity across all visual arenas even before ‘day one’.