The Marmara Park Avenue

It’s known that advertising works. But what about when it doesn’t?

When The Marmara Park Avenue, a new, luxury Manhattan hotel, opened in 2016, they knew they needed a solid advertising campaign to help get the word out, and the customers in. But after running Google ads for some time, they were still disappointed with the results.

As it turns out, they just needed some help to start moving in the right direction.

We came in and tweaked their advertising to target the right customers and help the Park Avenue increase traffic and revenues. Starting with pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, we were able to reach customers looking for the Park Avenue hotel experience using keywords like “luxury” and “extended”, and focusing on the Manhattan area specifically.

Following the PPC campaign with display ad retargeting across multiple networks, including Facebook and the Google Display Network, increased the return on investment (ROI) by connecting with customers until they were ready to book and extending the reach of the PPC ads.

Additional metasearch ads on travel aggregators such as Google Hotel Finder, Kayak and Tripadvisor connected with an even more focused group of customers.

Implementing a focused advertising strategy and refining the campaigns paid off for The Marmara Park Avenue in a big way. Their advertising spend decreased by 50% while connecting with more customers and maintaining an ROI of over ten times their investment.

E-commerce conversion tracking implementation helped correlate sales data with website usage and advertising spend; six months later, the Park Avenue had increased digital revenue by over 60%.