Website Design

The Marmara Park Avenue

An unknown quantity in the competitive New York City hotel scene, international hotel group The Marmara’s Park Avenue location needed to make a name for itself in a crowded market, competing with the best in luxury brands.

A high-quality visual showcase helps customers envision themselves at The Marmara Park Avenue. From gorgeous photography to virtual tours and cinemagraphs – flowing images using large, excellent resolution gifs – we crafted a stunning experience to draw customers in and inspire them while building the brand identity.

Gorgeous visuals are key to making the right impression, thoroughly supported by excellent functionality.

The most important calls to action were placed at the forefront and repeated throughout, so the ability to quickly and easily book is immediately accessible. And we kept all those amazing images lightweight, so the entire design is extremely fast and responsive, completely mobile friendly on all devices and screen sizes.

Even the website backend has been fully optimized, transparently allowing insight into opportunities for further improvements on an ongoing basis.

Finally, to emphasize the buzz and growing popularity of the brand, social media involvement was incorporated so influencer posts, blog posts and cinemagraphs continually spread the message that The Marmara Park Avenue is an exceptional experience.

The website design was awarded as an Outstanding Hotel Website from The Web Marketing Associtation, based largely on its concept of virtually inviting the guest into the space using photography. Additionally, the new design has driven a 100% increase in traffic due to SEO optimization and online reservations have increased by 90%, with extended stays boosted by 60%.