Social Media

The Marmara Park Avenue

The challenge was to take an unknown and turn them into a star.

The Marmara is a Turkey-based hotel group with international flagship locations on the Upper East Side and Park Avenue in New York City. The brand lacked the ability to draw in customers on name recognition alone.

Their Park Avenue location in the historic Jasper Building provided some unique benefits, but they faced dozens of better-known 5-star hotel competitors in the area.

We started with rigorous brand guidelines and style guides to ensure The Marmara Park Avenue brand was credible, relevant, on-trend, and appealing to the local market.

A three-step strategy followed up using social media to cultivate trust and understanding of the brand in the targeted audience:

The first step was to invite and invest in social media influencers. Bringing people with large, engaged fanbases into the hotel extended the trust and credibility they’d built with their followers to the hotel while spreading word of the elegance and luxury of the location via organic posts and sharing.

This strategy included working with luxury brands such as Elite Stoli Vodka. Just 37 posts from a single event when they brought their influencers to the hotel for an event generated 1.4 million impressions.

Next, we ensured stellar quality content across all social media channels. Influencer-generated and other customer-generated organic content was supplemented with professional photo shoots and digital media such as cinemagraphs – moving gif-like photos.

Finally, we solidified their position as a luxury destination by connecting their social media outreach with the website. A successful lifestyle blog with extensive content run by influencers generates more shareable content while drawing traffic and giving the brand authority, while every page of the website contains social media content to tie it all together.

This integrated strategy has allowed the Marmara Park to build a social media stronghold to connect with customers by continuously growing their audience and expanding their reach.