Website Design


International Korean fried chicken chain Bonchon required a multifaceted, scalable website strategy to grow the franchise as a whole, while also driving business to each individual location and providing valuable insight.

With a solid brand and fast expansion on an international scale, an updated website strategy needed to support, give insight to, and expand on existing success with improved customer-facing and franchise-facing components and detailed analytics.

Bonchon locations vary widely, from nightclub-inspired to  charming hole-in-the-wall, and have customized menus, so we developed easy-to-manage individual websites for each location to display the uniqueness of each specific franchisee while supporting a consistent brand and tracking insights about site visitors and page usage.

Local Search Optimization, as well as the creation of a store locator tool inside the site and IP tracking, ensured customers always were shown the nearest physical location.

To expand on the franchising opportunities, a franchising website tells the story of the brand, establishes the potential rewards of becoming a franchisee, and offers multiple outlets to submit franchise applications via a customer relationship management (CRM) system that improves the ease of use on both sides.

We developed a guidebook for the site to help potential franchisees to get all the information, and individual franchise location websites have been used to demonstrate how easy it would be to get set up, operate, and gain attention for a new location.

Social media integration with the websites is another big draw for potential franchisees, as well as individual locations, taking advantage of the engaged global fanbase who enjoy posting fun photos of their meals.