Website Design

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Ayza, a New York Wine and Chocolate Bar with a side-street location, but a rock-star social media and online presence, understands the importance of staying fresh and current with their customers.

Having gone through many successful refreshes of their website, their latest version features all the best features of an elegant, engaging and relevant of-the-moment design.

An immersive experience for the customer was achieved using parallax design, where the background and foreground move at different rates to create a sense of 3D interaction by visitors.

Top of the line photography with a distinctive filter, videos, virtual tours and animation help create a sense of the atmosphere of the space and the elegant presentation of the food at Ayza, while minimized navigation avoids intruding on the compelling visual environment.

At the same time, it’s a very active and strategically functional website. The main calls to action – reservations, menus and private parties – are always present, highly visible and easily accessible, no matter how you move through the site.

All sources of social media are integrated throughout the site and within every navigation bar to take advantage of Ayza’s enormous and successful social media and email groups. This omnipresent integration keeps new and existing customers in touch with the latest developments and provides a way for Ayza to direct visitors to the most important events and promotions.

Another highly successful component has been the blog, which draws its own crowd through relevant content targeted to connect with Ayza’s customer base, while providing another avenue to advertise special events, offerings and promotions.

In their quest to continually engage their customers and grow their business, Ayza has invested in a brand-enhancing, visually compelling website with highly functional and engaging design, complete social media integration, and a value-added traffic-generating blog.