Social Media


Ayza was a small, relatively brand new New York café when we started working with them in 2007.

Located on a side street in Manhattan, they weren’t getting significant walk-in traffic and their brand identity was unclear and not compelling enough to draw in customers on its own strength.

Turning them into a sought-after destination took a clear, defined concept spread via social media.

We started by defining and clarifying the strengths Ayza already had, zeroing in on their offerings as a wine and chocolate bar with locally-made chocolate, pairings, and gorgeous presentation. Feature nights like Sundays couples’ night and Tuesday girls’ night out were a great way to bring in traffic at traditionally slower times.

To communicate Ayza’s identity and draw customers in, we started with curated social media. Beautiful photos of their attractive offerings and promotion of feature night campaigns got the ball rolling with in-house content.

From there, much of the social media content shifted to user-generated on the strength of Ayza’s photogenic desserts and very social media-active customers; 75%+ young professional women who enjoyed photographing and sharing photos of their visits.

While social media was a natural fit for Ayza’s customer base, we encouraged and expanded on organic growth and sharing with strategic input. Inserting beautiful, professional quality photos for people to comment on and share was one approach; bringing customer-generated media to the forefront was another.

We used Facebook advertising to boost posts and implemented native advertising to extend Ayza’s reach to a wider target market beyond the social web of existing customers.

Interactive campaigns also spurred organic sharing; a free glass of wine for a Facebook check-in, photo contests to boost sharing, wine tasting events booked directly through Facebook.  

We’ve grown Ayza’s Facebook presence from zero fans in 2007 – to nearly 70,000 for a single location of around 30 seats on a Manhattan side street!

With such a large, active social community, every photo, offering and campaign has incredible reach with very little ongoing investment needed. A true social media success.