Cuckoo Kitchen

Cuckoo Kitchen's branding was created by combining solid values, fresh ingredients, and beautiful design.

While a branding refresh and renewed focus on strategic direction can be game changers for existing businesses, starting with a strong brand strategy from day one is an opportunity not to be missed.

Cuckoo Kitchen took advantage of the benefits of starting strong by approaching us as they were about to launch their web-based food delivery system, which planned to offer Chinese meals that require minimal preparation.

We looked to Cuckoo Kitchen’s values, which promoted natural ingredients and next-day delivery, to find inspiration and shape the direction of the design process. An icon featuring a leaf/bird emerged as the perfect way to visually represent the company and their services. The leaf element in the logo icon represents their fresh, clean food, while the bird conveys their fast delivery.

From there we extended the leaf element of the brand’s logo design in a repeating pattern that could stand alone. This allowed us to reinforce the fresh element across multiple design use cases with a branded pattern that offered more flexibility than the single logo icon presented, enhancing items such as delivery box and food packaging.

A complementary color palette and detailed brand style guide will further support the Cuckoo Kitchen team as they grow, helping them maintain their strong, unique brand design and extend it to additional use cases such as a website or online presence and packaging as they continue to develop their services.

In order to help prepare Cuckoo Kitchen for anticipated growth, we also developed a preliminary website direction concept for the team to envision and plan around.