Best Websites To Post Restaurant Jobs

Websites To Post Restaurant JobsYour staff makes or breaks your restaurant, keeps things running when you’re not around and represents your concept in front each customer. You don’t usually want to entrust such responsibilities to just anybody, but most restaurants can’t afford to pay huge salaries and hourly wages to get the best people.

You have to hire qualified candidates while keeping the lid on salaries in an economy where minimum wages are rising, people need benefits, and the turnover rate for restaurant employees is at an all-time high. That’s why many restaurateurs are turning to job hiring websites to relieve some of the pressure of finding, vetting and hiring qualified workers. You can run an ad on Craigslist and get fast results, but are these the best results?

Hiring new workers involves investing time in training new people and getting them competent. Each time you choose an applicant who doesn’t work out, you lose a lot of money because you have to advertise, interview, hire and train a replacement. Job hiring sites can eliminate a lot of the administrative work and variables by providing work histories, background checks and databases of workers that you can search or screen by education, training, profile, photos and other criteria.

Hiring Options

You have basically two options for using hiring resources to fill positions.

The first is to review candidates who have posted their desire for a restaurant position or resume on the Web.

The second is to advertise the position that you want to fill. Restaurants that use the most common job boards could pay a high price while getting hundreds of unqualified or unsuitable candidates. In general, the more specialized the site, the better the results.

Differences Among Top Job Hiring Sites

The top sites include some of every type of job board, posting and software for managing the process.

Although restaurateurs might balk at using generic software tools, these resources can be quite valuable for finding and filling positions quickly.

By far the most popular site for hiring servers, basic kitchen help and entry-level workers, Craigslist has reasonable rates for posting positions and delivers astonishingly fast results in medium-to-large cities. Craigslist will be specific to the area that you’re in, making the pool of applicants localized. You can sort by neighborhood, keywords and other criteria for screening applicants and determine how people respond by directing them to a hiring portal, email message, website or physical address for an in-person application process.

Culintro is a great resource for restaurant professionals, and hiring managers can find line cooks, bartenders, maître d’s and chefs. The site is weighted more heavily in favor of upscale restaurants and metropolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, top culinary destinations. The site is perfect for advertising BOH and FOH positions.

This site advertises restaurant jobs for thousands of locations throughout the United States. The site specializes in upscale restaurant jobs for servers, hosts, chefs and managers. Restaurants post fresh job openings daily, and corporate food service jobs are often advertised.

Poached enables restaurant and hospitality managers to hire professionals quickly in major U.S. cities. Employers pay $25 for each job posting, and job seekers can post their resumes for free. The company’s proprietary software, BackOffice, provides searching, organizing and managing tools for the hiring process.

RestaurantZone (RZ) helps restaurants hire quality talent in less time. They work exclusively in this space and staff multiple locations nationwide. The software focuses on volume hiring on the hourly & management front. If you need to fill servers, bartenders, cooks, chefs, and managers this is a well-rounded solution. The company offers products such as the resume database (ResuBox), Targeted EmailBlasts and Resume Requests which curates talent for you based on your criteria. Finally, RZ has a network of millions of job-seekers and many job board partnerships to help with your hiring efforts.

Shiftgig saves employers time by streamlining the hiring process. Managers can get more detailed profiles on high-quality candidates that include references, social influence and referrals. The company has a proprietary app called WorkNow that enables candidates to claim jobs in real-time. Restaurants can post from one to a hundred positions, and relevant posts automatically transfer to several other job boards for better coverage. Restaurants can use the company’s efficient dashboard and messaging system for communications and organizing applicants.

Although this site doesn’t specialize in restaurant workers, it adds nearly 500,00 jobs per month and has a high Alexa rank. it’s a great resource for hiring hourly restaurant workers. However, the site gets lots of complaints from users who have to supply lots of personal information, which generates lots of phone calls, emails and other annoyances. Some restaurants find that the postings are out-of-date, but others have claimed getting excellent pools of qualified candidates from posting job openings. Restaurants can post openings or review job candidate postings and resumes.

Job hiring websites are just one of the tools that restaurateurs can use to meet their hiring challenges. Of course, maintaining social media links — especially with LinkedIn — and a strong Internet presence is a good way to get qualified people to find your restaurant regularly, but when you need to fill a position fast, job hiring websites offer many advantages.