Effectively Communicating Your Restaurant Reopening Plans

As states reopen and businesses prepare, restaurants are considering ways to reopen safely and effectively. There are multiple ways to communicate your restaurant’s reopening plans, and it’s not just by hanging an “Open” sign on your door.

If you’re a restaurant planning to reopen, you’ll want to spread the word and inspire confidence in your customers before they return to your restaurant. 

From marketing tactics to updated health and safety measures, below are vital communications to consider.

Develop a core message

Your core message should be relevant, empathetic, and considerate to your customers. Meet with your team to discuss the core message you would like to develop, and ensure you are all on the same page.

Update your digital platforms

For your website, create a pop-up with your core message as well as resources for relevant and useful information. One resource can include a letter from your restaurant owner, which adds personalization and empathy. Additional resources should consist of your health and safety protocols and procedures, the steps you’re taking to implement these procedures, etc.

For your social media channels, create a series of posts that are published at least two weeks before your reopening. You want your audience to know in advance when you reopen with posts leading up to it. That way, your audience has something to look forward to and is in anticipation of your reopening. Once you reopen, continue to push out content for your audience. Remember to stay informed on the current climate and avoid being insensitive or tone-deaf.

For your email newsletter, send out an e-blast announcing your reopening date. Include all relevant information, including your date of reopening, health and safety precautions, new menu items or specials, etc.

Prepare your team

When reopening, your team must be prepared to answer any questions or concerns your customers may bring up. In addition, ensure that your team is practicing health and safety at all times during their work hours. 

Customers are paying closer attention to the health and safety of your restaurant than you may realize. Meaning they will notice something as minute as a staff member touching their face. Your staff is handling the food your customers are eating, so practice what you preach.

Make your health and safety practices visible and transparent to your customers. Just because you promise you’re taking every health and safety measure does not mean your customers will blindly take your word for it.  

Bottom line

Ensure that every action and precaution you take when reopening your restaurant is communicated effectively to your customers. Place your most important information front and center. If you have amped up your cleaning protocols, let your customers know. If you’re going completely digital, let your customers know. Are you no longer accepting cash? Let your customers know.

Spread the word across all of your digital channels. Inspire confidence in your customers so that they feel comfortable dining with you.