Breadcrumb Payments Added to POS System

Groupon is taking Breadcrumb, their restaurant POS system, one step farther with a new emphasis on credit card processing with reasonable pricing and terms. The big advantage of Breadcrumb is that it works on the iPad, adding a degree of familiarity and simplicity to POS. In the past, this iPad-based system was compatible with non-Groupon credit card processing networks (still probably will be).  We explain the entire system in greater depth in our review of Breadcrumb. See the review for how it changes and often improves restaurant operations.

Groupon wants to be more than a deals site, and see for themselves a bigger role in the restaurant industry. Slowly, they have built a more diversified and complete offering of services for restaurants. Their biggest venture thus far is the purchase and development of Breadcrumb, challenging traditional POS systems like Aloha and MICROS.

Breadcrumb Payments

Breadcrumb is now expanding into credit card processing with Breadcrumb Payments. This optional feature has competitive pricing with a fee structure of 1.8% plus $.15 per transaction. As a promotion, Groupon is also offering the first $5000 of credit card processing free. Many restaurant owners ears may pop up upon hearing about these good rates and then, may look into the entire POS system as undoubtedly Groupon hoped for.

Other things are appealing too about Breadcrumb Payments. The service deposits the funds in 24 hours, which is something most restaurant owners worried about cash flow can appreciate. Breadcrumb also provides 24/7 customer service, a must for restaurants and bars with late hours of operation.

Groupon has big ambitions for Breadcrumb. It is trying to expand beyond hospitality to a more general POS interface, but they do not outline exactly how they plan to do this. Because of this, the hospitality system will be called Breadcrumb Pro to prevent confusion.

Groupon’s Role

We have always been cautious, even reluctant, in advising a restaurant to use Groupon’s Daily Deals. Nonetheless, Groupon’s other services seem to not be as risky. They are not disruptive to a restaurant’s branding and marketing as is Groupon’s deals. Instead, by most measures, Groupon’s Breadcrumb is one of the leaders in the inevitable move of the restaurant industry’s operations over to simple, convenient technological solutions. We will keep you informed as this POS system develops.