Restaurant Marketing by Gourmet Marketing

FeaturesWe put your customers at your fingertips

Gourmet Marketing knows how to implement an effective social media strategy. We create the right mix of fundamental tasks and advanced tactics that bring results from social media.

Driving the conversation

New Engaging Posts


Gourmet Marketing engages customers in a constant online conversation through social media, posting promotional, informational and interesting content.

Monitor & Respond Daily


Gourmet Marketing is there to answer questions and interact with customers day in & day out.

Encourage Sharing


We give customers fun and interesting things to share so that more of their friends are introduced to your business.

Sweepstakes, Coupons & Contests


We motivate your customers to participate your social media with polls, sweepstakes, coupons and contests that increase your likes and the depth of your relationship with your customers.

An expert at the controls

Coordinated Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare all work together so that a restaurant reaches customers through whichever social media they use.

Social Media Branding


Gourmet Marketing makes sure your social media pages are attractive and welcoming, sending a strong message to customers that you take social media seriously.

Track Results


Gourmet Marketing tracks customer response to identify ways to drive people into your restaurant and find the best strategies for future content.

Always Adapting To Change


We learn every day about the newest, most effective ways to keep your restaurant ahead of your competitors.

get involved

Strategy Development & Reviews


Gourmet Marketing will work closely with you to develop the best social media strategy for your business, and conduct regular reviews to improve your social media results.

Easy-To-Use Management Tools


Gourmet Marketing provides Gourmet Dashboard which enables you to post and track social media in one place, streamlining your social media management.