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Blog Writing

Blog Writingfor Social Media

Social media is much more than chatter and promotions, but is a place for exploration and discovery of new things and information. Good blog articles make powerful impressions on your customers building a connection much stronger than a LIKE or FOLLOW.

Fresh Reminder


On social media, without providing customers anything new, they lose interest. We create in-depth, captivating blog articles so that customers build a closer relationship with your brand.

Quality Worth Sharing


While making sure the articles relate to your restaurant, we write about the kind of things that customers want to share. Our topic choices and high quality writing encourage them to engage in digital word of mouth marketing.

Establish Authority


You are an expert in your cuisine and your restaurant and your customers are curious. We satisfy their curiosity with interesting articles but do not give away the charm of your restaurant.

Distribution Across the Internet


Writing great blog articles wouldn’t matter if no one read them. Gourmet Marketing make sure that every helpful social media outlet is used to create as much online buzz as possible.