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Gourmet Mail is the industry leading restaurant email marketing solution for restaurants and bars. It makes connecting with your customers as easy as sending an email.

Restaurant Email Marketing

Why Restaurant Email Marketing?


Restaurant email marketing is a proven tool to generate new and repeat business, providing you with a direct line of communication with your customers. With an incredible return on investment, email marketing is more powerful than ever thanks to social media.

Why Use Gourmet Mail?


Gourmet Mail, designed specifically with restaurants and bars in mind, allows you to create and send beautiful HTML email campaigns, manage your contact lists and view reports through a user-friendly interface.

Free email templates


Get started with one of the many free email templates in our library. We’ve already tested each template design in all major email clients so you won't have to.

Easy template editor


Our built-in editor gives you easy-to-use creative tools, so you can build eye catching email campaigns without any need to write a line of HTML.

Manage subscribers


Create as many contact lists as you'd like to manage your subscribers. Automatically upload contacts from other data sources, or build lists using sign-up forms.

Detailed reports


See how many of emails have been opened, and what links were clicked along with other data, so you know how your email campaign performed.

Social media sharing


Our sharing toolbar lets your readers share your content on popular social networks and tracks sharing data on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Personalize your emails


Give your campaigns a personal touch using data from your contact lists. Turn “Hi reader,” into "Hi Anne", "Hi Kevin" or "Hi Joe" with a few simple clicks.

Test Run Campaigns for Best Versions


Test multiple versions of an email you want to send. Analyze the results and send the best version to the rest of your customers.